The perfect lightweight, go-anywhere hammock.


Lightweight, packable, easy to set up,  the Overland Hammock was designed for the needs and desires of the modern adventurer.


From car glamping to breaking your own trail or simply finding two trees in your favorite spot in city, our products are designed to enhance your experience along the way. The Overland Hammock and its quick-setup allows you to hang and relax in minutes. 


We love to hear from Overland lovers. Customer elation and feedback keeps us motivated to design more and better things.  Here is some love from early customers praising our hammocks.  If you want to let us know how you feel (about our hammocks), do so here

I received them yesterday and set both up today. They are AWESOME!!!! I love the technical details and the suspension. So easy to use!!
— Adam, NASA Engineer
This is rad! So comfortable and it packs down so small. I didn’t have to worry about space in my bag. Stoked!
— Grant, Avid Mountaineer
I first saw this hammock on a camping trip in the Enchantments- a friend brought it along and I was blown away. She gifted me one and I decided to use it for an urban hideout between two trees in my backyard- when/if I can get my daughters to share it!
— Amanda, entreprenuer/mom of 3
First and foremost, we love the hammock! My son in particular was blown away by how small it packed down with straps and everything. I really appreciated the built in straps and the ease with which I can attach to trees.
— Philip, Nairobi, Kenya
Slept in the insulated hammock with my 30 degree bag. So amazing! Looking forward to taking it out again this weekend to the Enchantments.
— Brock, Attorney

The perfect hammock for you.