The Story:

The story is simple, I am a product designer and an outdoor enthusiast and I was looking for a comfortable lightweight hammock that I could easily pack in my bag. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that was affordable and had the features I wanted. What is a designer to do? I started sketching, got my hands on a ton of hammocks in the marketplace, researched fabrics and sewing techniques and got to work. 

I started making prototype hammocks 4 years ago with a goal of minimizing the weight and simplify the hanging setup. I was going for ultralight specs, cutting every bit of extra fabric, finding smaller and smaller cordage to use, light weight webbing and titanium hardware. Ultimately I ended up with a hammock that had all of these features but after product testing with a group of outdoor enthusiast/good-at-relaxing advisors, I still was not completely satisfied with the hanging system- I kept pushing for simplicity, safety and beauty. 

Now that I had the hammock itself perfected, I was on a mission to eliminate the hardware- the clunky, heavy accessories usually used to hang the hammock. Inspired by several solutions found on Hammock Forums,  product tests and field testing (read: the hammocks have now travelled to many climates, altitudes and geographies!) and many months of research, trial and error, I have finally landed on a hammock with the ease, design excellence and price I was seeking all along.   

The Product: 

At Overland, we realize there are different types of people out there and their need and desires when it comes to hammocks are just as varied. With this in mind we have three hammocks a general lightweight hammock, an ultralight minimal hammock and an insulated hammock for those who want to camp overnight in their hammock. 

We custom make our products to the highest quality standards so they are built to last. Each hammock comes with a two month full refund or replacement guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

The Overland Difference:

You might be wondering how this is different than the rest of the hammocks out there. There are a couple of key differences that set us apart from the field, the shape, the materials, the adjustable suspension and ridgeline and the how the full system works together. Our system has everything you will need to hang between two trees whether that be in a park in the city or next to a river deep in the woods. The tree straps and the suspension are included with the hammock. 

As a hammock enthusiasts for the last 10 years,  we have watched hammocks go from a niche product to a common item we see today in parks, college campuses, on the trail and in campgrounds. It is simply amazing to see how many people are excited about hammocks and we are pleased to share the new line of hand crafted Overland Hammocks with you.